Leasing Advice
Office Occupier with 250 staff - Central Bristol


PRG (Precision Resource Group) needed to double their office space to facilitate their growing business.



Howell Commercial provided end-to-end leasing acquisition services. This required analysis, costing and advising PRG on available solutions to meet their growth plans. PRG’s preference was to stay in the existing building and Howell Commercial negotiated terms for the extension of their existing leases and for an additional 7,800 sq.ft. in the building.



PRG’s fit out and refurbishment programme was completed in March 2023. The firm now have 15,500 sq.ft. of good quality space held on a flexible lease structure at a competitive rent, with costs fixed over a 5-year lease period (including service charge caps). The terms agreed allow the business to take additional space or reduce their footprint.

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